Skills Universities and deemed Universities have been realizing the importance of introducing Creative Arts, Design and Media related courses that meet the changing demands of the Students, Government, Industries and accrediting organizations. There is a need and importance of making the change from traditional education to creative programs through appropriate educational strategies. Traditional methods emphasize direct transmission of knowledge and maintain these processes through inflexible structures which limit the engagement of learners in innovation, discovery and mental growth. Problem-solving, creative approach and inquiry-oriented approaches on the other hand, offer opportunities for exploring and discovering new avenues of job offers and career. It is through such processes that the practice of creative learning and teaching can be established and maintained. It is believed that in a creative class, thinking is more valuable than logic, practical knowledge is more necessary in understanding the concepts. With this approach Design Media and Edutainment Solutions Private Ltd have designed Long-term degree courses in Creative Education (More specifically : Animation, Visual Effects, Game Design, Communication Design and Digital Film Making) covering the complete spectrum of Design and Media related Courses.


As DSA sees a huge opportunity in Creative Education and invested around 5 years in building the brand and visited various universities in Canada, Australia, Russia and New zealand to study the current trends and technologies and the need of the hour. This helped the team to develop a comprehensive industry inclined 4 years professional degree course. This new pedagogy of Design and Media education offers industry work practices, Project based learning, Knowledge sharing, Skills training, Case studies, Research based learning, time management and many more. We are offering these courses through our partner Universities as follows.