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At Design Media & Edutainment School, we provide long term courses to nurture young students over time towards the creative career that they wish to pursue in the future. Our long term courses are based on strengthening the fundamental principles of students, strengthening their creative thinking and for improving their technical skills as well. Our always-updated long term course structure assures that students are industry-ready by the end of their tenure with us.

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All our long term courses start with a foundation program that introduces students to the world of creativity. This course is meant to instill the creative mindset within a student and to help them get the fundamental principles that are pertaining to the world of design. Students are taught the work principles and are given extensive technical knowledge throughout their course. By the end of their tenure at DMES, we reassure all students to be industry-ready.

Our courses also highlight the importance of having work experience in the creative field. Students are encouraged to work on live projects and to seek out work from clients for a specific amount of time. Our industry-experienced faculty are there to continuously evaluate and help students to reach their maximum potential.

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The Course structure

The foundation course is for students to get an introduction to the artistic and the creative world. The aim of this introductory program is to help students develop their creative skills and out-of-the-box thinking capability as a creator. Our instructors are dedicated to help students build a strong foundation in art studies.

A strong understanding of the world of art and creativity is meant to help students in choosing the right path from the different fields of design like Communication, Animation, Film, Product, etc, and pursue further studies in it.

In this course, students learn to think critically and to engage in the exploration of the new concepts of design. The level helps to improve the level of understand that a student has and is meant to enhance the basic skills in them so that they get the confidence to progress towards a career of their choice.

Students become aware of the exciting career opportunities that are presented in front of them. As a confidence boosting program, they are further encouraged to push their creative limits and to explore thoroughly the career ahead of them.

This program is for channelizing the skills of students in a way that will help them to have a successful career in the design industry. After completing Level-01 and Level-02 of the course, students are now sure of the particular field of design that they are about to pursue in the future. In this particular program, students learn about the subjects related to their particular specialization.

This is the phase from where the specialized learning of the student starts. Students are taught everything in terms of technical and practical skills for their particular field of choice.

Newer concepts that are being adopted by the ever-changing design industry and work life are also explained to the students by our expert faculty.

This is the stage where students learn about their specialization. They learn the inner working of the particular industry that they are about to enter. Students get extensive knowledge of the subject that they are about to have future careers in.

Each course has a unique training method which is dependent on the skill that the student is pursuing. Being in the creative field, students will be given special training to work on projects with a set deadline. By the end of this course, students will have hands-on experience in working individually and as a team in the design industry.

After completing the four levels of the course curriculum, students will be ready to deliver industry-approved results. In order to gain more experience in their field and also to get a drift of what the design industry is like, students will be working on live projects and internships.

Industry exposure is necessary for any student to understand and improve on their skill level. Once this program is completed successfully, students will be eligible to pursue any career that they so wish to in the design industry. They will be equipped with relevant knowledge, exposure and the skill set that will help them to excel in their career.

The graduation project is the culmination of all a students’ learning throughout their time at Design Media & Edutainment School. It is compulsory for students to choose a 3-6 months graduation project with the company of their choice. Through this project, students work on a Research Project where they proceed to work in a professional environment with proper guidance and exposure.

A jury panel set within Design Media School will evaluate the progress of the student throughout. Students are to complete the project with the teams that are assigned to them within the stipulated time after which the jury panel decides on their graduation.

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Alumini Testimonials

  • I am having a great experience really enjoying learning here. Its been3 months since I am studying in this institute & teaching staff is really good & friendly. They give attention to each & every student. My creative skills have been improved a lot.

    Jatin Mata Adv Diploma in VFX
  • Faculty of the institute is so much supportive & helpful they give me the opportunities to utilize my talent. Infrastructure is good & lot of focus is given on personality development.

    kunal SawantDiploma in VFX
  • My experience with DMES is excellent. Teaching staff is supportive and the teaching methodology is good. The environment is friendly and also they do conduct seminars and workshops on regular basis. Good coordination between the students.

    Jaynil Patel Diploma in Animation
  • I am a student of Communication Design at DMES. I have learnt a lot of new things and not just about my course but also other courses through workshop and fellow batch mates. The teachers here supportive and encourage us to give our best at everything we do. I have made a lot of friends and memories that I am gonna treasure them FOREEVER!!!

    Manisha Shetty Adv Diploma in Communication Design