How To Select A Design School?

Choosing a good design school where you will receive your education and develop your skills in a specific area of study is a daunting task no matter what area of study you have chosen to pursue. It’s no secret that most art careers are highly competitive. So it’s not surprising that college art degrees are becoming increasingly necessary for artists hoping to make it in today’s tough job markets.

Going to a reputed design school can help you refine your talents and market your talent or performance skills. It can also challenge you, expand your mind and inspire you to take your art to a higher level. It’s the education and experience that art college affords you, not just the diploma, that can help you build the right foundation for your career as a creative artist. That means that the design school you choose to attend is just as important as the certification you earn. Don't be fooled by courses or programs that limit your education & professional development but lure you in by offering convenient schedules and quick completion time. Always remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. Here are a few pointers to assist you in helping you narrow down on the best Design School in India:

Location :

This is of utmost importance that the institute or design school you wish to attend is in close proximity to where you are currently residing or is easily accessible to the main road, has good public transportation facilities, industries pertaining to your field of study and design studio's are close by and is centrally located.

Curriculum :

Most institutes do offer customized content based on your budget and time. You have to understand when you have to master the skills you need to understand the subject, imbibe, put in practice and work on project. Therefore, make sure the institute you choose has industry experienced people. The subject covering fundamentals, objective and attention to detail  and covers most areas which is currently in practice in the industry. It gives you confident that the course structure is in accordance to the industry standards.

Faculty :

Have a word with the respective faculty in the design school or the person in charge of the school. get to know their expertise and experience in the field, their teaching methodology, get feedback from the alumni of the design school.

Fee structure:

This goes without saying that the fee structure should obviously make sense to you and your spending capacity. Make sure the fees are in par with the curriculum & facilities offered by the design school. There are various options available to students to pay their fee's ranging from student loans, scholarships to monthly installment facilities. Check if the Design School you have set your heart on provides you with the same. At the same time there are various design school offer courses based on your budget. Sincere advice would be don’t choose the course based on the fee.

Amenities :

It can not be stressed enough that design schools of good repute will have excellent infrastructure, good hygiene & sanitation facilities and will be equipped with state of art technologies as well as good amenities for the students.

Reputation :

There are very few renowned design schools in India, make sure you get all your facts right, do a good background search, find out about the courses offered and how good the design school is from existing students, understand the object of the promoter, talk to the faculty or experts present at the institute , browse the internet and then enroll for the course that you want to study.

Extra Curricular Activities :

Only theoretical knowledge will not provide you with the necessary expertise in the design industry. Find out if you institute offers a range of workshops, seminars, industrial visits, guest lectures, conferences, participates actively in local, national & international design bodies, competitions & external institutions etc to help build on your skills.

Later Stage Opportunities :

he entire point of going through months and years of turmoil in studying the design subject is to gain more exposure in that particular area of design. Find out if your design school offers you placement assistance, internship opportunities etc All things said & done, choosing a good design school is an important decision in your career. Make sure you have umpteen choices to choose from, narrow down on the best one which suits not only your schedule but also your budget, convenience, gives you more exposure, has excellent infrastructure, known to produce creative artists and provide them with brilliant working environments as well. If you need any assistance on choosing a design school or design course please feel free to contact us on or 020-26140024/25


Simple Steps To Enroll For Course

  • 1


    Our academic counselor will give you an insight of our unique teaching methodologies, practical-oriented course structure and the various advantages of studying with Design Media & Edutainment School.

  • 2


    Students are required to sit for a creative quotient test which has both practical and objective questions. This test is meant to check the creative thinking of a candidate and also serves as a basis for their scholarship from the institution.

  • 3


    Once a candidate has completed the previous stages, they are eligible to get enrolled into the course of their choice. Students must submit their application forms and demand drafts to the institution to complete the enrollment procedure.