What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality as its name suggests is a three - dimensional computer generated software that induces realistic sounds, images and other sensations which is like that of the real environment. The consumer feels the sensations to be happening for real. A person using virtual reality is able to experience everything in the artificial world. The person is completely isolated from the real world and lives in an artificial world. Virtual Reality is nothing but a specific type of reality emulation.
VR needs head mounted displays or hand held controller for its use.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is when the environment is augmented by a computer generated software that produces sound, graphics, video or GPS. Unlike Virtual reality, Augmented Reality is adding something to the current reality. Augmented Reality does not transport us to another world. The users are able to connect with the virtual contents in the real world and distinguish between the two. Augmented Reality is just a part of the real world and not the world itself. AR can be used in smart phones, laptops, tablets.

AR/VR Development

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality need high-performance computers, specialized software and additional hardware for its development. Developers should have a in - depth knowledge and good understanding of how all the data will be processed and where it will be stored. They should be able to identify the glitches and get solutions for them spontaneously.

Applications of AR and VR

There are a wide range of applications of AR and VR like in the military, healthcare, education, entertainment, fashion, heritage, sports, media, films, engineering, business etc.
AR is most suitable for marketing campaigns, product activations and launches, print advertising and much more whereas VR is preferred more in the entertainment industry like for video games and social networking in a virtual world.
by Niantic was done using Augmented Reality. The game is a perfect example of what AR may become and what it is capable of.

AR and VR Careers

The AR and VR market is developing rapidly leading to an increase in career opportunities in the field. According to reports demand for job candidates in VR is 37% more than the last year. If you are a VR professional with experience your knowledge is in demand. Most employers
The number of candidates with VR skills will likely increase, but possibly not at the speed of growing demand. If you’re a professional with VR experience, your knowledge is in demand. Most employers are recruiting virtual reality talent for Software Developer (Applications), Computer Systems Analyst, Computer User Support Specialist, and Network and Computer Systems Administrator jobs.

Future of AR and VR

According to a 2016 Tech Pro Research report, 67% of businesses are considering using AR in the future, while 47% are considering VR for the future.
It is predicted that augmented reality will develop with the mobile technologies. Augmented reality apps will be more popular which provide additional information. Another area where augmented reality is making its mark is computer games (which also include mobile games). Currently there is a selection of games for Mac, PC and various consoles such as the Sony PlayStation which is set to expand.
The VR future is not that bright as compared to that of AR. VR games are in the market and are quite popular. It looks exciting with new developments but experts predict that the popularity won’t remain and soon the trend will move on to something else. The other main concern is that VR is expensive. But when looked from the business perspective VR is gaining popularity.

AR and VR for Business

Companies these days use a lot of the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology to make their business even more appealing. Long Distance Meetings, presentations, trainings with Virtual Reality can be made more impressive and impactful. Organizations also use Virtual Reality for client presentations to make it even more captivating. Augmented Reality is more used in the marketing campaigns and product activations. Billboards, print advertisements, visiting cards etc are made more engaging and alluring with AR.
e digital enhancement to the real world, but the Virtual reality is completely a virtual world.
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